Friday, January 2, 2009

Cap and Trade Fantasies

One of the foremost global warming scientists in the world is warning Obama that cap and trade won't help solve the problems he thinks it will. As for Canada's government and people, we're so deep in denial about the consequences of our lifestyle that we pretend to care about the environment and yet continue to support a prime minister who takes his orders from Big Oil. According to Gwynne Dyers new book, while people like Bush and the Harpercons 'fiddle' every powerhouse military in the world is planning its strategies for the future around the crisis that is going to inevitably destroy our delusions and the lives of our children and grand children.

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Anonymous said...

As a nation, we are never going to solve any of our problems until we abandon these "Made in America" approaches - that do not even work in America. We are on the loosing end of trade policies which are devastating middle class jobs, and loosing out on environmental solutions, merely because of the way we have adopted the ideology of the USA.

In these times, emulating the USA in any way is the best recipe for failure.