Thursday, May 28, 2009

more Seal Heart

It's all about the Arctic, Inuit voters and control of oil reserves. 13% of what's left on the planet.

Dion and CTV decision

CTV - Conservative Television in action - guilty as charged. No integrity, no ethics, and they cost Dion the momentum he had going into the last weekend, thus leaving us with Harper, Captain weasel, who couldn't define the nature of Canadian democracy if his life depended on it. And we got Mike Duffy as a Senator, Harper's way of thanking CTV.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seal Heart Politics

The Governor General asked to eat - and then ate - raw seal heart at an Inuit celebration: a) because eating it - if offered - was the right pan-Canadian cultural thing to do because that would have been the essence of her protocol, b) she asked to eat it however - before it was actually offered - perhaps because she likes to eat fresh kill raw or c) because GG Jean became Stephen Harpers's tool when she prorogued parliament despite his lies about the nature of Westminster democracy and therefor asked because d) Harper - via the GG Council - told her to win the Inuit to the conservative cause because e) there will be an election sooner than later and Harper wants to win the north so that he can turn it into a corporatist enclave because f) Canada needs to unify the north against Russian claims to the Arctic and because g) Harper is the servant of the Canadian oilgarchy and it is for their future privateering benefit that he wants to secure the Arctic oil resources and because h) oil lease/tax revenues are the basis of his economic theory and the Inuit can be bought off with Tory largesse and i) because Harper hates Europeans for being a bunch of socialists (and therefor the GG eating seal meat would piss off the anti-seal hunt European Union - all the nations of which having already forced one another to give up all their own 'iffy' historical food pleasures and habits because they believe the biological future of humanity is serious in danger, so therefor, everyone else should be on the same self-sacrificing diet as they are and finally, because j) Harper denies climate change (and the human causation of same) not because he doesn't believe in it, but because as long as he denies it, Stephen's oil bosses stand a better chance of controlling the available land in our globally flooded future, and some of that higher land lies in the barely ice-covered rock outcroppings of the far north - the future temperate zone of the stricken planet.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ridiculous Harper

Harper's new socialist-separatiste coalition is beginning to take form.
If anyone out there still thinks this PM is a man of principles, better look again, there is only one principle in Stephen's world, Stephen first, Stephen second, Stephen last, Stephen all the time. My guess is conservatism will not rear it's small-minded ugly little head in Canada again for another generation when this master hypocrite finally waddles off the national stage.