Friday, March 6, 2009

Mad Dog Baird wants our trust

Minister Baird, who strikes me as a thug more suited to organized crime circles than those of democracy (which may be why he lied so utterly and psychotically about the nature of Canadian democracy before Christmas) now wants us to trust him with 3 billion dollars. I'd rather trust Meyer Lanksy than Baird, because Lansky at least had a genius for money,while all Mad Dog has is a genius for deception and vitriol.


Anonymous said...

The CPC will oppose making a line itemization of the 3B budget package public, because that would no doubt reveal the majority of it will go to ridings that voted Conservative.

Sweden said no to business bailouts and put the money instead into human capital. Like health care, youth and education.

Jerry Prager said...

That makes more sense. But then those Scandanavians have a better grasp of community than we do, must be because they're a northern nation huddling together for warmth unlike Ontario's freezing together in the dark fantasies of Alberta.