Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three years for protesting war crimes

The man who threw his shoes at George W Bush got three years for protesting against the most protected war criminal on the planet.


Anonymous said...

What is even more appalling is that this man was tortured. Sad too, that some of our "leaders" also condone torture.

Jerry Prager said...

Yes, he was wasn't it.
You have to know by seeing the use of torture on tv (the series, 24)and in films just how logical the idea of torture is to majority of people: if an enemy knows something, and he won't admit it, you get it by torture. The public condones torture, if it didn't the use of it in popular media would disappear.
The politicians just follow the people around whenever possible, and no matter what international law says.
In the shoe throwing case, it was part of the pre-sentencing process, being violated because of the power imbalances between jailers and the jailed.