Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hudak for Ontario ?

If this is the man that uber-right wing Mike Harris wants in order to recreate his little fascist regime in Ontario then everybody who was pillaged and abused by Harris in the 1990's, everyone who was marginalized and made to feel like a second class citizen by the reactionary middle class who supported the kind of economic rapists who just brought down the world economy, should take note. Harris, the demagogue with the worst attendance record at the legislature in the history of Ontario premiers, who obsessed about law and order while ordering the murder of Dudley George, Harris fast tracked an agenda designed to create a conservative police state (it wasn't the fact that communist countries were police states that Cold War-era Conservatives opposed, it was the fact that the Warsaw Pact nations weren't corporatist police states. Pre-Hitler war alliance Mussolini was their model, him and Generalissimo Franco. George w. Bush made that clear. Harris divided the province into haves and have nots and then proceeded to kick the shit out of the have nots, leaving the province a much worse off, embittered place than it was before he took office. The key to the sociopathy that is Harrisite Conservativism was his parting shot: if he had to do over again, "I would consult less." More like Mugabe I would expect, just tell the people what to do, and then kill anyone who disagrees with you. That's where Mike Harris would have gone, if he could have.


Anonymous said...

Nutty Mr. Nut nut. Nutty nut nutty.

Jerry Prager said...

There you are again, my nutty nut poster who clearly knows nothing about Mike Harris or what it was like to be poor in a province governed by a fascist like him, he was an evil sonofabitch and one day he will rot in hell, unless God is merciful, and because I believe that God is merciful, , I cannot say that God would not forgive a man so small minded, mean spirited or socio-pathic as Mike Harris, but, from my pewrspective, you would have to be God in order to forgive him, because without grace I am completely incapable of forgiving a thug like Harris.