Saturday, February 14, 2009

McGuinty's Space

Normally I have a queasy easiness about Dalton, he doesn't impress me, but he doesn't depress me either, politically speaking, he's something of a Larry Grossman PC to me.
Fair enough, reasonably self-possessed, and occasionally quite effective, willing to surround himself with intelligent ministers who he then let's do what they have discussed doing with the public and cabinet and legislature, causing considerably less harm than did Mike Harris's Cromwellian cohort, Dalton is no better a Premier than Rae but then I like Rae. As for McGuinty's request that journalists stay out of what is essentially his intimate space, I think reporters should no more be stuffing a mic or a camera in the eyes of a store clerk who makes the news than they should be getting in the face of a Premier. "Scrum" is a metaphor, not an excuse for violating anything more than the distanced edge of personal space. Five feet seems sensible to me.

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