Sunday, September 14, 2008

United Centre To End Neo-Corporatism

In the 30's & 40's there was a united centre opposed to corporatist ideology. They won that battle at the end of WWII. Since the rise of neo-corporatism with Reagan the extreme right wingtip of the political bird has become entrenched in the global oilagarchy, which is intent on keeping the planet theirs to pillage. The place to unite the moderate left, the centre, & the moderate right is in parliament. If there's a minority, join forces to pass an opposition law restoring the Common's custom of resolving confidence issues by having the GG offer the cabinet to someone else from another party. Then bring down the Tories. Time to end corporatism for good.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that people still allow themselves to be seduced by "trickle-down" economics -- which have ravaged the middle class since the Reagan era. Friedmanite economics, coupled with the neo-liberal agenda of the super classes have skillfully invented and exploited "tax rage" and libertarian angst.

The problem with both Liberals and Conservatives here in Canada(and Democrats and Republicans in the US) is that they have essentially become little more than corporate shills. The slowly developing end result of this: goodbye democracy, hello plutocracy.

The challenge for all progressives: big business will not change until they are forced to.