Saturday, September 13, 2008

Neo-Corporatism not Neo-liberalism

Libertarian, anti-big government policies of Reagan et al conceal a neo-corporatist agenda. Corporatism was a conservative politic that informed pre-WWII governments, from Italy to Canada & beyond, in which Mussolini etc. used the state to 'balance' labour and business. After the defeat of fascism & the rise of liberal social democracy, neo-corporatism gained momentum as big business shifted from ownership by individuals into the modern corporate economy. Neo-corporatism no longer needs the state, & uses libertarian angst to destroy democracy. See Stephen Harper and the oiligarchy.


kheimbuch said...

I agree Jerry, but in terms of consequences, the end result of neo-corporatism and neo-liberalism are both the same. They both lead us to a point where the democractic nation state is undermined by the rising corporate state.

This is the biggest threat to democracy, the way I see it. The only cure for what ails democracy, is more democracy. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

A big part of how and why they are winning the disinformation war, is that the Corporate Right are better at the business of "framing" - and at the same time, they have the corporate biased media filter on their side:

Jerry Prager said...

It's always easier to be negative and advise caution than it is to be positive and courageous. Isn't that what the comic Dilbert is essentially about, a manageriat that refuses to take responsibility ?