Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harper's privateering agenda

If this man gets a majority, his deeply embedded convictions that much of the Canadian government should be 'privatized' will come to pass. Of course, he doesn't mean private, what he means is corporatized. These conservatives are corporate socialists.
The idea that they are free enterprisers is absurd, corporations are not free enterprises, they are the antithesis of freedom, they destroy individual enterprise, they are legal fictions, they have no conscience to bind them to the law or to the public good. Much like Harper himself.

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kheimbuch said...

Stephen Harper works his agenda of corporate socialism for big business, not the public. If Harper did not need our votes, he would never pander to our economic insecurities. That's the key strategy that conservatives use -- exploit voter angst, and then try to "buy" our votes with our own money vis-a-vis tax cuts.

All the while, this corporate shill masquerading as our "leader" is selling Canada's natural resources off to foreign interests, leaving Canadian consumers to buy back the manufactured products from foreign sources, which he expects us all to buy with low paying service sector jobs (as our middle class jobs disappear to other nations)! Oh, I forgot, he is "Standing Up For Canada"...

If people do not like the idea of government regulation of private industry (or a "dual economy"), then they should think for a moment what it would be like pay to a for-profit company for your own health care, while sending your children to private schools/day cares, while driving on private roads like the 407, and drinking privatized water. Just look at the wonderful job the food and gas industry are doing policing themselves.

We will all be better off when the final nail is driven into the coffin of the Harper-Bush "socialism for the rich" (aka Corporate Imperialism) -- the biggest threat to the family, healthy communities, consumers and workers.