Monday, September 8, 2008

Stephen 'Con' Harper afraid of May

That's the thing with Cons, it's all sleight of hand, mirrors & distraction. The majority of Canadians are easily conned by anything that comes over their Corporate News, Con-Harper & his Bush League Buddies have conned them into thinking Dion is a bumbling fool, & that May is too, so why have two fools in a debate, when we can listen to an amoral Nietzscheian superman like him. Cons like it when they get no scrutiny, it's how they get away with things, it's why they own the media, it's why they bought Harper with oil money & prop him up in power. All that's about to change.

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Anonymous said...

"Corporate socialists" sums it up well; they aim to privatize the profits, while socializing the debt. Neoliberalism in a nutshell :)

I just don't understand how people buy into it - how is it that they think that getting rid of the government and replacing it with the corporation, will be any different in the end - when the corporation effectively assumes monopolistic dominance, as government?