Monday, September 8, 2008

How about Real Debates ?

We have so few and such boringly formatted, sometimes ridiculously raucus yet relatively uninteresting 'debates' that they should either be scrapped because Canadians must not know how to debate, or the tv shows should become real debates, and taken from the hands of corporate apologists and the gutless CBC. The moderator should shut down spin doctoring and staying on message repetitiveness as soon as a catch phrase begins looping. You don't need to be potentially able to form a majority government to be in the debate, you just have to have the respect of the Canadian people, a respect discerned through previous vote percentages and whether a party receives public funding or not. I actually think it would be a very insightful debate if Stephen Harper wasn't there, then you would see Conservative spin for what it is: an attempt to manufacture consent through fear and message manipulation. In fact, there should as as many debates as required to leave a different leader out of every debate, and then one more with everyone. Then we'd be able to separate fact from fiction.

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