Friday, September 26, 2008

Okay Dion

The Jewish question of 9/11 which you hope to put behind you and so win the advance poll Judeo-fundamentalist vote is an equation for which I have much personal history which might seem to nuance me towards your sentiment, and yet I know too much about gangster capitalism and the alternative Jewish reality of Rothstein and Lansky but even more importantly Baron Rothschild and Averill Harriman via Prescott Bush to doubt that dark and even darker events actually occurred on 9/11 under Dick Cheney's Blackwater command. And I expect a Canadian Liberal to say so. Stand up and be counted Stephane. This is the real equation. The Jews are like all of us, corrupt and less corrupt individual by individual, and yes certainly, as a community they are nothing but a consequence of personal choices and so not guilty as a people of anything but self-preservation, a closing of ranks, a xenophobia of need for common cause, a flurry of events burying history in ash.

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