Sunday, September 21, 2008

The real Reason Harper is Ahead

Canadians just aren't paying attention to the election according to a new poll. But here's another curious poll find, most Canadians know Harper has a hidden agenda, and most Canadians want a majority government, they just have no desire to give it to Harper. This election is nowhere near being over.


Toronto real estate agent said...

It's vicious circle - people don't pay attention, because they think it has no meaning - all candidates are the same - all politicians are BAD. But why all politicians are like this - because we pay no attention to their words and actions (or at least no DEEPER attention, not only to the sweet promises they speak about...), it's easy for them to get elected. I think we should surprise politicians one day - we should really start paying attention to the election!
Take care

Jerry Prager said...

That would be a good thing.