Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A comment I posted at Warren Kinsella's blog

Which may be too large, but which I wanted to say here too.
"Tulk, you're just wrong, period.
Alberta is a one party state run by American Oil companies which is why your guy thinks Canada is a republic.
Your Ontario voters are a bunch of old people who vote in large numbers but who you frightened and conned twice now, most of them are the dying bastion of Harrisite Levelers who have no moral position on waging war on the poor and on the working poor in order to preserve their middle class privileges; they're all dying to live in the protectorate of Tar Sands Canada Inc.
You are the dinosaurs of the fossil fuel age. Our grass roots will grow through the bones of your toxic-death society. This is the Quiet Revolution version 2.0, only instead of Duplessis' Unione Nationale, the same coalition that toppled him is now toppling the Meighen-streak Ontario Tories and the Western Block neo-corporatists (who the Progressive Conservatives could not keep buried in their right wing past.) The restoration cons gave us the blunders of Reaganomics and Mulroney-croneyism; now we have the last stand of the Bush League-Harperistas and their allies among the Lack of Common Sense Reactionaries.
Sorry you hate this Warren, but the only option available to the coalition which would strengthen and broaden this evolutionary transformation, would to bring Red Tories into the coalition cabinet and so isolate the Con's extreme right wing. The cancerous coalition of Western Block oiligarchs and Meighen-Streak Tories must be removed, it must be put into a mica chip Joel-style and must be sent into the sun to be the vapourized. This must be done. It will be done.
Of course, Harper the Great Strategian, already thought Coalition government through to his own ends, and created a contingency plan for such an eventuality. It's why he gave the Americans the right to invade Canada. He broke his own 4 year term law, after creating a dysfunctional parliament, and after weakening Dion through 2 years of character assassination, assumed that his efforts to unite the social democrats in the NDP and Bloc would lead all tghree to an August Coalition so that George Bush could have invaded to save Canada from separatiste socialists and thus shore up Harper's oily junta. The Libs, the Bloc and NDP didn't do what they were supposed to do then, and they aren't doing it now. If it had been him in opposition with a dysfunctional Prime Minister he would have acted in August. The only problem for Harper now, is that Bush is the lamest president in the history of America: Obama won't do what George would have done for a man who is neither his friend nor a genuine ally.
Warren, Sorry for the length, spent two hours today watching my father fight for each and every breath he took for two hours after the doctors removed a tube from his lungs, while I had to listen to some Harrisite in the bed beside us who sounded like Mulroney and was as smug as Harper so I just had to get all this off my chest before it breaks my heart.
PS.If CD Howe Liberals betray the diggers - the underclasses and the working class - they will betray Mackenzie King's legacy and leave the oiligarchy and the Meighen Streak neo-corporatists in power, Harper will have succeeded in turning Canada to the right. And then the right will be consumed by the green movement and our grass roots will grow through their bones until the last of the calcium in them joins in the great celebration that is mutually beneficial life on Earth.
Footnote: The Harrisites should never have degraded nurses the way they did.
Thanks to every one of them at Southlake and elsewhere. Thanks for jump starting my old Dad again so he can go and home watch the evolution on TV before he joins that celebration."

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