Friday, December 5, 2008

Relying on the GG is BAD IDEA

It has finally dawned on me that all these coalition plans come down to what the GG might do if the coalition drops the government in Jan. It is therefor now obvious to me that since she lacked the courage to 1) say no to prorogueing parliament, when she could have easily have said yes, if only to defend parliamentary democracy in Canada from the lies that Harper and his ministers spread about the nature of the Westminster system of government, and that she even lacked the courage to 2) have acted (if only in her own counsel) on behalf of Haitian democracy by taking down Harper for his role in helping George Bush destroy democracy in Haiti, (despite the fact that she spent time down there between hurricane devastations last fall when it must have become even more obvious to her that the Bush-Harper installed junta was not in the least bit interested in helping the poor) then what kind of courage is she going to have in January ? None whatsoever. She allowed Harper to run and hide from the coalition, next time she'll let him destroy it. No, the GG cannot be relied on, even if the coalition wins the PR battle. The coalition has to swallow the budget, and then pass a private member's bill that creates a legal framework for creating stable coalition cabinets to meet the requirement of fulfilling the four year fixed term law, and only then can they destroy Harper like the mad dog he is.

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