Monday, December 8, 2008

Harper to Reap the Whirlwind

With Dion poised to fall on his own sword, the man who led the campaign to character assassinate him is about to reap the malice sown for the last two and half years. It's one of those spiritual laws that fundamentalists always fail to understand because they think they alone know what it is to be on God's side. Mr. Harper has born false witness and he will reap the consequences of that, Mr. Harper has sown contempt for common decency and he will reap the consequences of that, Mr. Harper has built dividing walls and will discover himself set aside in history to occupy his own special category of failure, Mr. Harper has lied in the name of truth and will be known for that throughout time. Mr. Harper has made his bed in the Canadian political consciousness and he will lay there in it for all time. Mr. Harper has created his own doom, and once Dion steps aside, it will descend on Harper like the furies of old Greece. Malice aforethought, come home to roost in his memory for the rest of his life, power will slip away, and though he lacks the emotional intelligence to acknowledge his role, the denied reality that it was his own fault will crystalize on his death bed, and he will know as he dies that he did this to himself. Maybe then, he will choose to avoid a worse fate in eternity.

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