Saturday, December 6, 2008

This is very funny

I realize it's not an accurate parallel, but it is funny as hell.


Anonymous said...

Wow... linking Hitler and Harper?

I guess the folks who warned me about you were right... you are a kook.

Jerry Prager said...

I don't personally think a comparison with Hitler is accurate in the real world, I just think the modified scenario and the dialogue are funny because that is exactly how I envision Harper's personality, which is what is being satirized. I am perfectly well aware that Harper is not a Nazi, he is however a fascist, within the context of neo-corporatism and early mid 20th century right wing Canadian ideology with a contemporary Bush League twist.
And guess what Anonymous, people who lack the courage to name themselves, and who whisper about anonymous people warning others about me, get about the same level of respect as Harper gets.
I don't give a shit whether you or your nameless hordes think I'm a kook. I don't buy much of what passes for reality in a culture that shits in its own nest and thinks everything smells rosy anyway. That's why my politics are independent communitarian, I believe in community values, but I'm not going to be governed by a population stoned on television.