Thursday, December 11, 2008

Corporate Welfare Bums

$13,639 worth per Canadian citizen. That's almost as much as I earned last year. Give the poor the money, it would be better spent, because the poor, unlike the rich, spend their money, not squirrel it away, stimulating local economies as they spend. Instead we subsidize the rich, and we get less bang for the buck. Free enterprise now ! End corporatism.

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kheimbuch said...

One could make the argument that corporatism has become the theology of the 21st century; all to many people who have bought into neoliberalism look for their salvation in the idea of replacing the nation state with the corporation. This is exactly what is fuelling the "tax rage" rancour that has them crying foul when the poorest of the poor receive a pittance from social programs, but feel compelled through a slavish apathy to sell their nation off in a fire sale to unaccountable transnational corporations.