Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harper: the anti-democrat

I still have a hard time believing that a man who came to power promising democratic reform, could turn out to be such an utter hypocrite, and still have the support of the people who voted him. Clearly the Reform movement really was just a front for Alberta's oil industry, and clearly the Harrisite Reactionaries who form the core of the coalition party is now the Great Con, never were democrats. But somewhere along the way, probably listening to Preston Manning talking to Peter Gzowski on Morningside, I got the impression that the reformers actually wanted a more vigourous democracy. One thing is clear, if it hadn't been for Gzowski, Manning would never have reached a national audience, so any right wingers who are happy with their lot in life these days, should thank the CBC, because they gave you this chance to prove how much contempt for democracy you people really had all along.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hiding behind soliders wasn't working

so Harper has gone to hide beyond the Olympics. I say we let the world know the majority of Canadians did not vote for this man. Get out the vote from 2008, let us tell them he was our last choice. And that only a minority supports him.

Friday, December 18, 2009

US, China, India, South Africa reach an almost deal

more like an agreement to disagree about an international cap and trade economy run by Wall Street investment bankers, China said no thanks, I say, bully for China. Step and Fetch Obama, the premier politician representing the interest of the American petroligarchy, met with Premier of China and co, and waved some money figures around that will only sort of help before things start going really wrong on the planet. And yet I feel more hope now than if a deal had been struck. Somewhere in the series of blogs and commentaries I've traveled around in the last few months I came to realize that I shared something common with people I regard as extreme right, namely the view that an international cap and trade economy would be bad news indeed. To them, it's bad news because they think it's a socialist plot of the green movement. I think they're wrong in every part of their analysis except their instinct that there is something dangerous in a globally institutionalized cap and trade system. To them it's an attempt by the left to create a global state, while to me it's corporate socialism, because that's the end game of corporatism: like Roman imperialism: corporatists want to manage humanity as a resource, like the planet, their goal is to be free to use people as commodities, exploitable, expendable, tradeable.
The carbon tax on the other hand is just a consumption tax, it doesn't require an international carbon-credit trade manageriate to administer it, a straight carbon tax won't lead to global racketeering.
The UN just announced that 380 billion dollars worth of narcotics profit was money-laundered through international financial markets over the last year. My guess is Bersculoni's encouragement to Italian nationals around the world led the mobs to use the one time no-questions-asked transferring of accounts from foreign banks to Italian ones in 2009.
Gangster capitalism bought a good chunk of the world's assets at recession fire-sale prices: their merger with global corporatism is now complete, or would be, if China wasn't standing in their way.


A year ago Canada had a chance to side with the angels, but the corporate media ensured that never happened, by refusing to delve deeply into the various and countless hypocrisies of Stephen Harper, we are left with our ineffectual and much hated PM slumping around Denmark wasting more tax payer dollars, about the only thing Harper excels at besides secrecy and lies. Cap and Trade is a scam, because the people who will benefit the most are the investment bankers/racketeers, who just engaged in a series of shakedowns of the global economy, it's almost a good thing no real deal was reached in Copenhagen.
It's been a funny ride, finding myself agreeing with climate change deniers about what a global cap and trade system really is, but then, my central thesis is that the Cold War was essentially a merger between gangster capitalists and global corporatists. The UN made an announcement on Dec 13 that 350 billion dollars worth of organized crime narcotics profits were so successfully money-laundered in the last year that the funds actually helped stabilize the global meltdown. To me, there was no meltdown. it was shakedown, and most of the 'honest' people were shaken out of the money tree. A cap and trade deal would have created a new racket of global proportions: a corporatist coup was prevented, a massive international manageriate was avoided.
Dion's Green Shift Carbon tax was supported by 140 of Canada's top economists during the last election for a reason: it was simpler, more direct and more effective, Ignatieff was one of the first Libs to promote the idea, but now he too backs cap and trade. The Green Party of course maintains the Carbon Tax in its policy.
The failure in Copenhagen was multi-faceted. Harper's failure to be of any use looks good on him, but bad on Canada: the idea that a green economy can't outstrip the value of the petroligarch's century old governing model was a tedious tune but one he kept playing. What the mayors of Canadian cities and the Premiers of Quebec and Ontario proved was that the federal government isn't necessary for Canadians to take genuine action, although that too is a reality that unfortunately plays into Mr. Harper's main agenda, bankrupting the national government, so that when it comes time to pay down the national debt he created, he can have a fire sale of Canadian assets, there will be lots of good deals for the privateering friends of the Con coalition, because they want corporate socialism. At the same time, the failure of Copenhagen means untold misery, of a scale that doesn't require belief in climate change for large groups of people to discover what's going to happen: the senior citizens who supported Harper in the last election have helped condemn their own grandchildren to a very dark future. Let them die in the knowledge of what they did, or in ignorance, either way, the shit will hit the fan whether they believe in fans or shit.
There was talk that the Chinese only sent their premier, while the Americans sent their president, but Obama isn't much more than a premier himself, the president of Goldman Sachs stayed home too, the American congress has been bought and sold by big business, the Yes We Can campaign was a lie, Obama is just an extension of the Bush League, a step and fetch boy for the military industrial complex that so worried Eisenhauer. The winter of our discontent is upon us.
And yet, I see a glimmer of hope, it doesn't lie in politics, except the politics of the personal, we don't need big business, we don't need big government, we need one another, we need communities of action, we need a revolution based on a revelation about the inter-relatedness of personal and common good. Insurance companies began their existences as Mutual Benefit Societies. That is the essence of Green ideology: we are symbiotic lifeforms living on a symbiotic planet, Social Darwinism is a lie and we must now move beyond it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tories: everything on the public's dime

Never before has a governing party spent more of the tax payers dime for their own benefits than have the Harpercons, this time it's chaffeurs and paid overtime. I've been a diplomatic chauffeur (consul general of Pakistan back in 1984 or so) and I know there's a lot of sitting around, and extended hours, but the Harpercons, have - as in all things, taken their own sense of privilege to new heights. No taxi cabs across a few streets for these spend-alls, in fact, they really are fiscal conservatives at all: they are more like Lords of the Land, disdaining accountability and thrift.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Christian Conservative Hypocrisy

I know the Christian Conservative is desperate to turn the channel away from the degree of shame the Conservative Party is heaping on itself in Copenhagen and over the Afghan detainee file, so much so that he thinks the photo-shopped Harper-Oswald getting shot by Jack Ruby pic is equal to the crimes against humanity the cons are trying to conceal, but the fact is the image itself was removed from the Liberal website almost immediately, a staffer was disciplined for allowing it on the site, and the party apologized, quite UNLIKE what the conservatives did when they photo-shopped a picture of Dion surrounded by bullet holes that was posted on the main party website, and kept up for a week, no apology was ever issued, and no staffers were ever disciplined: there is no hypocrite like a conservative Christian, and now that I've posted this, my blog will be bombarded by spam comments, sent from heaven knows exactly where.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Telecom Co

brought to you by a Tory insider, who got Tony Clement to overturn a CRTC ruling on behalf of his clients.

Associated Press analyzes stolen e-mails

The "Climategate" emails stolen by Russian secret police/mafiya on behalf of the petroleum industry in an effort to scupper a deal at Copenhagen have been analyzed by the respected Associated Press and found to contain nothing that undermines global warming science. Surprise. Got to love the merger of global corporatism and gangster capitalism, always trying to do their worst for everyone but themselves.

Associated Press ananlyze

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Former Ambassadors not Happy with Cons

This is fascinating, looks like the wheels are coming off the Con that used to roll over everything and everyone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Climategate email burglars

The real story here, is not the phony spin being played around the world on the alleged content and interpretation of the emails, (which don't prove anything like what the climate change deniers say they prove) no, the real question here, is who ordered the break-in ? Who is the Nixon in this ? The theft had been traced to a server in Siberia, raising the spectre of the involvement of the Russian secret service, or the Russian mafiya, which are pretty much the same thing these days . Nothing quite like right wing neo-corporatist attack-dogs being unleashed by Russian mobsters: the fascists of North America join forces with the fascists of Russia in an attempt to prevent the sustainability of the commons and the common-law of the planet: this is a coup by gangster capitalists and global corporatists designed to ensure that oligarch privateer/pirates retain control of dwindling resources. If the attack dogs think they'll be rewarded in the long run, then they are fools: the forces against acting on climate change are people fully prepared to seize control of water and food resources, these are people like those who poisoned Bhopal and never gave a shit: these are people who - while the climate deteriorates - are fully prepared to watch the peoples of the world die off in the billions, including the attack-dogs who collude with them.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Climategate" 2

So all the world's right wing media and political nutbars have jumped onboard the skeptical bandwagon, even the CBC described the release of 3000 emails as a leak, when it was in fact a theft, a theft that then became a massive, well-financed message based on nothing much in the actual emails, or at least nothing according to Elizabeth May who read them all. What she found is a tale of hard-working scientists trying to understand data sources such as old seawater temperature readings that dated back to tests that steamship boiler operators did before putting the water into the boiler, nuances about the differences in temperatures between water carried in buckets to the boiler and water carried in canvas bags, so concerns about messaging data" raised by the skeptics turn into interesting quirks of science and history.
Climategate is probably the only 'gate' scandal that actually parallels Watergate, the original 'gate', in fact the path from that Climategate has more depth as a burglary and coverup story, than it has as a science coverup. Watergate was a right wing break in of a liberal/democratic office, but where Watergate was a physical crime, Climategate is an electronic crime, committed by those prepared to lie about what they found. The 3000 emails, by May's reading, are innocent of the crimes being screamed at their authors by the skeptics. I personally don't think for a minute that the corporate sponsors of this break-in disbelieve the science, I think they want more time to buy up all the arable land and potable water, the old central methodology of capitalism: exploitation of resources: human, and otherwise, without necessity of ethics, motivated by profit. Climategate needs to be solved all right: we need to know who the thieves and liars and moneymen are. That's the real story here, and the CBC if no one else should start telling it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Vol 3 not ready for Christmas

It has taken me quite awhile to understand how to write Volume 3. It will be released in two parts in the new year, successively, part two nearer the spring. I will be reprinting Vols. 1 and 2, unrevised before Christmas. It had been my intention to revise them along with the release of 3, but this is as is. I will have an errata bookmark available, especially as regards their being two Domenic Longos, not one as v. 1 and 2 suggest, the two are Frank Longo's brother in Guelph, and Frank's son, who was Papalia's 1980's Californian advisor mentioned in Adrian Humphrey's The Enforcer (my source). Domenic Longo, the so-called third "old Don of Ontario" alongside Tony Silvestro and Giacomo Luppino is a composite person, possibly created by Humphreys or the police. Frank's brother was interned during WWII, Frank's son advised Papalia not to kill Iannuzzelli for running his own rackets in Niagara Falls. Louis Iannuzzelli lived until a few days after that Domenic Longo died in 1985.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peter MacKay, war criminal ?

A PM has a modus operandi for both Canadians and parliament, which has been to create a climate of lies, obfuscation, bluster and bullying and then stand back and smile that insipid smirk of his. His contempt for parliament, his contempt for the mjaority of voters who voted against hi, makes it clear that he is just the kind of guy who would, upon election in 2006, go rushing to join the Bush League in order to make Canada more like the America Harper loves - home of fundamentalist reactionaries whose "my country right or wrong" ideology has been emulated by his cohort of Tory thugs and Christian/capitalists (Cristian/capitalism are mutually exclusive terms, since you can't fuse a theology of 'love your brother', with an ideology of exploit your brother, and still hope to create a functioning community.) Conservative Christians and neo-corporatists are precisely the kind of people who end up turning blind eyes to torture, especially if they're Muslims, and have vast oil reserves to be exploited. The rush to be respected by Bush League Pentagonians, the precise group of people that Eisenhauer warned the world against, had probably led the Harpercons into crimes against humanity, crimes which will eventually be uncovered by the international crimal tribunal. Peter MacKay, he whose word was worthless even before he rushed to join the Bush League, is so intent on hiding the truth from the Canadian people, that the more he and Mad Dog Baird bare their teeth and howl and moan and groan and otherwise spew their hypocrisy all over Parliament, the more obvious it is they have some very deeply troubling facts that they are trying to hide. As Jesus said, the truth will set you free. When, as all the evidence - of everyone but those involved in the coverup points to - finally leads to the truth about what it is they so desperately want kept concealed, it won't matter what Canadians think because this will be played out in front of the world: they are a more virulent form of the Con practiced by Lyin Brian Mulroney. Those of us however, the majority, who voted against the Harpercons precisely because of our fears of this kind of Bush League leadership, may be vindicated, but don't expect those who elected him,to share our sense of shame, as already noted, they're big believers in "my party, right or wrong." And for Bible-believers, there issn't a single one of them who possess an Ezra spirit, the spirit that led the man who led the Jews back to Israel from captivity in Babylon, to apologize for the crimes and sins of Israel that weakened them enough to end up captives. The Harpercons have led us to Babylon, they don't know the way back to Promised Land, their religious hypocrisy makes them blind to the way back.