Sunday, May 8, 2011

Altering Corporations and Freeing the Fifth Estate

1. Corporations can't sign affidavits in court because "they have no conscience to bind them"
2. Corporations are mandated to pursue maximum profit within the law.
3.The unethical pursuit of profit and power result.
4. Corporate culture needs to be reconceived.
5.Corporations are not persons.
6.Collecting taxes from corporations gives them existence as persons.
7.We need to stop collecting taxes from corporations; take away their toehold claim to hold
rights as persons.

Implement a Carbon tax as the only tax of any kind ?

8. Tax individuals.
9. Heavily tax executive bonuses.
10. Study and eliminate tax shelters except where most needed.
11. The existence of non-voting shares breeds indifference to best practises, and must be
12. Shareholders must become financially liable to a greater degree than now for the
behaviour of boards of directors, theirexectives, and all crimes and misdemeanors, within
a graduated system of fines, implemented over time, to evolve new ownership standards.
13 Corporatism was a system of government concived by Conservative Catholics based on
four equal estates: church, state, business, labour.
14. Neo-corporatism: Mussolini modified the four estates into a merger of business and the
state, reduced the church to population control, and yoked labour to business.
15. Liberal Democracy defeated neo-corporatism in war and through the creation of the Fifth
Estate: independent journalism.
16. Post neo-corporatism: see Bush League/ Stephen Harper, business became the state
religion, taking the estate power of the church, corporate conglormerates now own the
fifth estate.
17. Liberal democracy is in decline.
18. We must re-democratize journalism.
19. We must separate the state, the fifth estate and worship from business.