Wednesday, May 2, 2007


It has quickly become apparent that the Conservative green plan is being greeted with universal disdain from everyone but those who will continue to benefit from an oil economy, ie. those who own Stephen Harper and his government.
Their mantra, that meeting the Kyoto commitments will be bad for the economy, really means that what the Accord will be bad for are their personal economies. Bad for the continued rape of Alberta's landscape and resources. Bad for the hold the oil men have had on the economy of Alberta since 1947. Bad for the veneer of democracy Alberta conservatives love to lecture the rest of the country with. That's the thing about libertarians posing as conservatives, they want a playing field as uneven as they can get, so they pursue the false biological imperatives of social darwinism, with themselves as dominant predators and the unseen hand of the market allegedly governing them, when what is really governing them is Mammon, the god of greed. Harper's job is to delay the inevitable demise of the oil economy as long as possible while pretending to be green, but it's not going to fly. And whatever sins the Liberals had in this field, their sins were those of the Canadian people, who apparently only woke up to the impending ecological disaster recently. The Liberals can move forward because they aren't a construct of the oilagarchy. And that really makes conservatives angry. They are the least ecologically concerned party around, and this little bit they're doing now is like a revolution for them, but it's a baby step, and we need to be taking adult steps, great long strides. Once the environment has been saved, then it will be safe to have conservatives conserve it for us, but as long as they're nothing but libertarians in green conservative drag, they need to be left to practice their baby steps where they can't cause any harm, out of office and in the privacy of their own homes.

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