Sunday, May 20, 2007

Parliamentary Doldrums

Now is precisely the time when the kind of parliamentary reform I envision would come in handy, ie, a non-partisan parliament, in which only the cabinet is the government, and in which lack of confidence votes would lead to a transition to a new cabinet/new PM, via a deal brokered by the Governor General, with the support of a majority in the House.
Here we have a minority government with no agenda, that most of the electorate voted against, and whose policies are therefor unacceptable to the majority of Canadians, kept in power because no one actually wants an election, a government incapable of regenerating itself because all its policies were reactions rather than responses, leaving us not with responsible government but with a reactive one, at a time when we need to be making bold new steps towards dealing with a pending global catastrophe.
I say dump Harper and his cabinet, let the GG broker a deal for a new cabinet under a new PM, and let that new government set a new agenda that will get things done.
All Harper is doing now is waiting around to become history.

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