Sunday, June 15, 2008

Apology Aside

I don't spend a lot of time absorbing media so I was interested to see the Globe give Jack Layton credit for forcing the Prime Minister to apologize to Canadian Natives now and not in five years time when the truth and reconciliation report will be filed. I guess that's what Gloria Kovach's old slogan 'Leadership' was referring to, forcing reactionaries like the PM to do the right thing first and not when the truth is detailed down to the last incontrovertible iota. As for National Voices, apparently Tom King was in Ottawa for some of the last minute discussions about the Natives' day in Parliament, a day the PM didn't want either. Gloria was still being cutesy on the cover of the Trib while all this was going on.


TheMirrorCrack'd said...

There's nothing necessarily bad about being a reactionary.

Jerry Prager said...

Since reactionaries do the right thing last and not first, I suppose under the 'better late than never' rules, being a reactionary may not necessarily be bad.