Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Take Heed Huck Farper.

The lying liars behind you: the anti-carbon tax
Republican oilagarch falsifiers
from Washington who keep you in Ottawa and who
speak untruth with impunity
are not Ezras of the Right but Lyin' Brian branch plant bosses, Tory descendants
of Irish Stuart feudalists, 16th century reactionaries who become modern global privateers, contemporary frontmen for financal racketeers,

and in the house of our commons you rose to preach a place
reached by everyone else decades earlier, a rendition of apology
about the missionary position when natives were schooled by
Anglo-Irish/Franco governing classes.

Apologize for your party, for the ancestors of your friends
in high places, but if you presume to speak for me and this nation
then know that the sword of Truth will sheer you of the company
of your American overlords and your chorus of liars.
And then we will see you for who you really are, who you never were.

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