Friday, March 30, 2007

The Greening of Humanity

As far as I'm concerned this election (and every one hereafter for as long as I live) is about the greening of humanity. This is not a race between ideologies, it's race to see if humanity will even cross the finish line let alone make it to the winners podium.
Every riding in this country needs to elect the individual most committed to doing what is necessary to save humanity, not because humanity in the abstract is the be all and end all of creation, but because I have a seventeen year old son, and you have children or grandchildren or nieces or nephews or friends who have children and something violent and brutal beyond all imagining is awaiting them if something profound isn't done sooner and continuously.
Personally I don't trust Stephen Harper as far as I can throw him. He is opportunist of the worst kind, but if there is a conservative who is the greenest individual in a riding elect him or her. I don't really have an opinion on Stephan Dion, and while I don't trust the Liberal Party to live up to its creed, if there is a Liberal who will fight for a green future, elect them.
The NDP can annoy the hell out of me at times, but if there is social democrat who will do everything in their power to ensure there is a future, elect them.
If the Green Party can elect someone in a riding elect them.
If the greenest person is a communist elect them.
And keep electing them.
The next phase of capitalism is green capitalism, we need to go there now, and we need to go there without passing go, we need to have been there yesterday and the day before.
Green capitalism is to corporate capitalism what mammals were to dinosaurs.
The dinosaurs were big and brawny and too dumb to live. Green capitalism will by definition be more egalitarian and more genuinely free, because bio-regionalism is local and global in the same breath. Branch plant mentalities will not survive green capitalism anymore than dinosaurs survived the asteroid dust cloud that brought on the ice age.
Green is a movement, not a party. We need a green commons, not a dying one.
If they're not green the rest of their politics are irrelevant. This is not a time for trying to stop gay marriage or preserve labour union rights, or for turning the chamber of commerce into the new senate chambers.
This is not a time for partisan politics. It's a flat out race for the survival of our children.

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