Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stephen and the Bush League

With the Prime Minister spending money in his Liberal-style Mulroney/Blue Machine 'buy the electorate' with their own money campaign, and with his soul-mate George W. Bush in free-fall south of the border, Canadians may just give Stephen more votes than some of us would like. If Bush was at the height of his powers a reactionary American cheerleader like Harper wouldn't fare all that well, but with George dead-ducking around the White House, Canadians aren't as worried about Harper's choral work. He can't do as much harm on the world stage if he doesn't have Bush to lap-dog dance around, going yes George, yes George to whatever half-baked religious mania inspires George on any given day.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in prophetic utterance, I just reserve the right to discern the source of its inspiration. And in George's case it was clearly being inspired by the Religious Spirit, a voice of court hacks that Isaiah and other prophets of the wilderness railed against.

Canadians are a pragmatic people that way. Mulroney embarrassed us by kissing Reagan's withered rump whenever he could. Most Canadians thought Bush was dangerous and saw through him like cellophane. Only people like Stephen Harper believe everything George says about defending freedom even while he destroys it where ever he turns. It's probably the oil industry in their blood that gives them such hallucinations.

But without George sitting off our bow as a threat to our sense of common decency, Stephen appears harmless, and Canadians are probably willing to vote for his dictatorship in larger numbers than they otherwise would have.


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