Sunday, April 8, 2007

David Orchard

I kind of lost track of David Orchard (mentioned in the previous post) probably because I don't watch TV and seldom read newspapers anymore, but found this on his wikipedia entry, which details MacKay's loss of principles.
Apparently this is what is happening to him recently if I'm not the only one who is taking an extended media vacation.(I know cyberspace is a media spa.)

Orchard joined the Liberals
, who'd've thunk it !

On November 19, 2005, CBC Radio News reported that the Liberals were trying to recruit Orchard as a candidate in the 2006 federal election. According to the report, Orchard would be a Liberal candidate in either Saskatchewan or rural Ontario. Orchard did not run as a Liberal in the 2006 federal election but he announced his support for the Liberals and campaigned for Chris Axworthy. [4] Orchard also officially became a member of the Liberal Party of Canada during the 2006 election.

After Liberals were defeated, and Liberal leader Paul Martin Jr. stepped down, there was some media speculation that Orchard would seek the Liberal Party leadership. [5] Instead, on August 17th, 2006 Orchard endorsed St├ęphane Dion to be the next leader of the federal Liberal Party.[6] At the 2006 leadership convention, Orchard led a group of approximately 150 delegates, including 32 from Saskatchewan, in support of Dion. Those delegates ended up being pivotal in helping Dion pass Gerard Kennedy for third place on the first convention ballot, and eventually win the leadership when Kennedy swung his own support behind Dion after the second ballot. Orchard has not yet declared whether he will be a Liberal candidate in the forthcoming 40th Canadian federal election, although he reports that he has received invitations to run in a variety of ridings across the country.[7]

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