Sunday, April 8, 2007

Elizabeth May versus Peter MacKay

At one point I thought Peter MacKay was one of those Red Tories of stature that occasionally rise up out of Maritime soil, and then he proved he had no principles by reneging on the deal he made with David Orchard when he joined camp with Stephen Harper's Alliance to create an American Republican Party subsidiary, the Conservative Party of Canada. I haven't given Peter a moment's thought since, except when he was nursing his wounds over Belinda, when I gave him about ten seconds for the thought 'poor bugger, that's what he gets for marrying his fortunes to Harper's.'
In the end Elizabeth May's ability to beat MacKay in his own riding will probably come down to what kind of constituent services MacKay has provided, and I suspect they have been considerable.
Still, an 'anyone but MacKay movement' will unseat him, and a good thing too.
He needs to go back to hoeing potatoes for awhile. I think his career is toast.

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