Monday, April 2, 2007

Partisan Posting

The worlds of political web logs are wild and wooly.
Sure there is the tame one of the various media outlets and political parties, in which staidness and sobriety rule, but in them journalistic desires not to offend advertisers dominate, as do Party desires not to offend voters.
But where the web meets the cyber ground running, everyone has an opinion on everything. Having worked as a journalist I understand the need for caution, but in the web world it's not so much objectivity that is required as not getting your facts so wrong that you look like an idiot. And in the blogosphere (dreadful word) looking like an idiot is a pretty common occurence.
I will say however, that as much as Liberals and Conservatives dislike one another it appears to have nothing of the rancour that exists between the Democrats and Republicans south of the border. Except perhaps in Alberta, the most American of all our provinces. Maybe it comes from all those sons of British Lords who bought up most of that province and settled in to rule it as cattle barons until the whacked out social credit movement arose and started talking Christian socialism, but fortunately oil was discovered in 1947 and the Alberta ruling class found common cause with American oil men and the modern Alberta conservative party was born and did away with all notions of Social Credit. Their hatred of the east is a well oiled propaganda machine designed to keep the rich rich and everyone else just fat enough to keep the oil slick in power. They even managed to commandeer Christianity and turn it into the worship of their particular cult of Mammon, while allowing free fundamentalist belief against all sins but greed.
Am I digressing ? Must be the air in the blogosphere.

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