Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Canadians know what Harper is:

they knew he had no word of honour they could rely on. But they voted for him anyway, because just when Ontarions had begun to realize that Harper had defamed Dion the polls began recording a shift to a possible Liberal minority. But then CTV released the tape of Dion's seeming confusion about the economy when he gave his three-peat answer. And over the last weekend the master Harperers regained strength and along with the corporatist media chains - that are now collapsing around us - they then used the tape to allege that Dion didn't know what to do about the economy so how could be trusted. Dion's first answer, was to do 5 things first and quickly for the economy. 5 things for which Dion was then ridiculed by the Harperer and his war-rooms of Con dogs, so that the improbable but emerging Lib minority was bludgeoned out of existence. Mr. Harper has of course since done all five things that Dion said he would do the first time Dion answered the question. Harper has just done it more slowly, like a bewildered man, like an opportunist looking for a landing place, and looking - to me - for all the world like a man who has no clue about much and never really had, which is why he appeared to be somewhere else during the debates: I call it the Harper doze-daze, while for some, like all good TV-engineered Anywhere North Americans, without sense of history, amoral rather than immoral, his dispassion is both medium and message, to me much like reflections of the banality of an urbane demonic electromagnetic manageriat designed to keep them and him almost calm and almost cool in the face of their evolving terror, transfixed, dispossessed souls barely listening to what is being said, trying not to watch the beast slouching towards them, ready to say anything, or nothing.

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