Saturday, November 29, 2008

Conservative counter attack

The Tory talking point express will soon hit the airwaves and print media in a counter-offensive. These are the facts, the coalition with Bloc support represent 56 or so % of the electorate to the Tories 37.6%. And since every Green I've spoken to will be glad to see the end of Harper the % is closer to 62. That is a mandate in itself much more potent than Harper's phony mandate to govern as if he was supported by the majority of Canadians. The coalition will represent the majority in ways Harper never - ever - will. Canada was created by a coalition government cobbled together by Sir John A, it was called the Liberal-Conservative (not Reform-Conservative as Harper once argued).
The Cons lied about everything in the last election and now they want to hold Dion to account for ruling out a coalition with Layton. They ask what this will do to the economy ? This isn't going to anything to the economy except improve it, since the Tories have been lying about the economy since last summer and don't want the coalition to see how badly they have been lying. This Con government is the last stand of fascism in Canada, that's why this is a revolution. Let them spew the same line all over Canadian airwaves and throughout the print media. Harper blew it, and the Con is over.

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