Sunday, November 23, 2008

VP-PM Harper Spins

the avoidance of protectionist measures and markets to keep the old economy turning it's stayed course, driven by open trader and investment regimes who V.P.H thinks should remain the "engine" for lowering world poverty, maintaining growth and providing employment... except the old school corporatists haven't lowered world poverty, the growth they maintain is cancerous, and the employment is becoming increasingly more like wage servitude managed by Dilbert. It's Tory democracy again, let the servants vote because they think their best interests are voting for their master's best interests.


Toronto real estate agent said...

"the old school corporatists haven't lowered world poverty"
Ok, take a look at dark ages society around the year 1000, late feudal society, let's say around the year 1700, at typical capitalistic society around 1850 and at society now. Can you see the difference? That's what has capitalism done for us. Average human life lasted around 40 years for thousand years. After 200 years of capitalism, we live now till 75.
We need a lot of improvements, but I like this system...
Take care

Jerry Prager said...

I would personally view those successes as deriving from enterprise freed from Cromwellian Puritanism and inspired by Newtonian possibility: entrepreneurs and tradesmen and craftsmen created the industrial revolution using egalitarian ideology. Corporate economics has a fatal flaw: they can't sign affidavits in court "because they have no conscience to bind them." That lack of conscience turned free enterprise into gangster capitalism as rebel/brigand/mobsters/ sought to both overthrow occupiers and collaborators while emulating imperial corporatism - crown chartered exploiters of other people's or our common assets. There is no capitalism now but gangster capitalism, or Dilbert dithering manageriates serving conscienceless people looking to limit the liabilities of their own greed. Enterprise needs to be freed from corporatism, from the conscienceless economy.