Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blair Wilson 1st Green MP

While some people are complaining that he 'crossed the floor' after being elected as a Liberal, the fact is the Liberals dumped him after he was investigated for elections financing issues (for which he was by and large cleared, which is why he kept his seat.) He sat as an independent because the Liberals wouldn't have him back. I don't pretend to know anything about the man, or his problems, however, even though he was falsely accused of breaking the law, the stink of those charges remain. Traces of which have attached themselves to the Greens. He says he became a Green so that Elizabeth May could get onto the TV debates, which may or may not be true, however certain her participation now is because of Wilson. With three green thinking parties representing the majority of Canadian voters, it will be that much more obvious that Harper and his supporters have nothing useful to say about the future. The voters of BC can deal with Wilson as a Green, turn the compost and it stops stinking.

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