Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin republican VP

Certainly an interesting move, but just because the media is talking about it doesn't mean there is a taste for more conservative hypocrisy. A servant of the oiligarchy like McCain, Palin has nothing to say about the future. The pursuit of private property and profit, which is the principle of moral decay as described by Plato in The Republic more than 2500 years ago, guides all republics through their phases from rule by military and priests, to rule by the monied and the police, to democratic consumerism to rule by a popular tyrant. Conservative back-pedalling will not restore the dying oiligarchy. They're on the wrong side of history. Period. Dinosaurs die.


Anonymous said...

I agree fully - someone needs to tell these people that democracy and oligarchy/argentocracy do not mix.

Jerry Prager said...

There is an alternative to republican models of decay and that is cooperative commmonwealth evolution, where the levellers, the diggers, the gentry and more ancient ruling classes realize we are symbiotic lifeforms, mutually beneficial socio-economic creatures seeking ethical imperatives for our own good, and for the good of others, which is what Obama was talking about. It's what it is that he 'gets'. It's why he doesn't just talk about the middle class, he gets the 'diggers'.

Anonymous said...

The idea of cooperative commmonwealth policy was the force that led to the CCF and finally the NDP. I bet some of their principles would be the sort of thing that all progressives should employ to push back against the "everyman for themselves", divisive politics of the new right.