Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harper should Resign

Precedent is to be found in British Commons and earlier Canadian parliamentary practice. If a PM can't win support for himself or his cabinet in a divided House,he goes to the governor general, surrenders parliament and the GG asks someone else in the house to attempt to form a cabinet-ie. government. Harper can't break his own four year term law without turning his law and order mask inside out, but he desperately needs to drop a general election writ so he can shut down the Green Party in Guelph, who along with the electorate in this city are about to humiliate his acolyte Gloria Kovach. Harper knows the Reform Party started with a by-election win followed by 52 seats in the general election that followed that win. He's afraid his Oil and Eastern banker-backed Regressive Conservative Republicans will become as fossilized as their fuel source once he stands onstage against Elizabeth May, Dion, Layton and the Bloc in a televised debate, he'll look lke the Bush League dogsbody he is. He thinks that by dropping the writ and breaking the new law the by-election will have to be extended to a date beyond the length of Green purse strings. Most Canadians voted against Harper and his right to form a government in the last election. He made the law, old parliamentary practice will ensure the continuity of the elected House. Resign Stephen. Now.

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