Friday, August 29, 2008

Did America just wake up ?

Watching the Democratic Convention last night I re-examined my anti-Americanism. Usually consumed by the arrogance of power & unable to differentiate between what educator SA O'Neill distinguished as Freedom Not License, the US often believes they are 'free' to do what they want to whomever they want. The neo-con nightmare first arose out of right wing losses in WW2, but the revival of neo-fascism in the US was endorsed in the last two elections & echoed in Canada; small-minded, mean-spirited, cold-hearted corporate capitalism, gulag republicanism & heretical fundamentalist Christianity may now be history. Somebody say amen.


Anonymous said...

Right on the mark Jerry - the Straussian neo-con right-wing politics and evangelical Christianity have led both Americans and Canadians further astray from discourse, self-reflection, enlightenment and truth.

However, until the something is done to reform the corporate controlled media chronosphere which regulates our rightful access to information, we still have our work cut out for us to salvage democracy from the elites.

Jerry Prager said...

I'm not sure what you mean by Straussian -Levy (whom I haven't read)and the implications of chronosphere I can grasp through implications of time and now and historyical moment arrived, but I differ from the Democrats in thatI have no faith in the Middle Class, they are the Levellers that Mike Harris Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher tapped into, I am a Digger, the Levellers betrayed the Diggers in the time of Cromwell, they betrayed us in Reagan's America, Thatcher's England, Harris's Ontario and Stephen Harper's Bush League version of Canada. I do not have faith in the middle class, I do not have in people, that is nt theologically sound, it is like having faith in moonlight without understanding that moonlight is actually just reflected sunlight, and while the setting and rising of the sun every day might give me confidence to assume that light will spiral through through my days, I do not have faith in sunlight, I do not burden sunlight with my need for it to be true, in fact all my burdens of proof are relieved by grace. Grace and love are the only things I trust when they materialize out of the mystical into the actual. I have faith only in love's gracious ways through my days. I don't trust anyone really, I don't need to in order to love them, for my love is moonlight, and was born in the sun.

Jerry Prager said...

Or so vino would be veritas and not much of a reviser tonight.

Anonymous said...

Ah, sorry I wasn't referring to Claude Levi-Strauss, but to the father of neo-conservatism, Leo Strauss, whose top PhD was Allan Bloom. Bloom's top PhD student was Paul Wolfowitz. He influenced the whole neo-con chain from Irving Kristol Right on down to David Frum.

Strauss was also a professor at (guess where) - University of Chicago, home of other some people whose narrow minded ideas have contributed to our current economic and environmental voes, such as Milton Friedman.

You have a very good point though, that the lineage of this Imperialism goes back to Cromwell.