Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canada Votes, or not

My guess is that if you're reading this you're probably a political junkie and fully intend on voting, but if for some reason you just happened to stray onto this post wondering whether to vote or not, then let me encourage you to do so. Tens of thousands of Canadians fought the corporatist agendas of Mussolini and Hitler and company to ensure you have a chance to vote, neo-corporatism has become much more warm and fuzzy for people like you and me (though not so warm and fuzzy for those in the Third World where they actively steal the water, land and lives of the poor.) We saw what neo-corporatism has done to America in the last eight years, it is quietly doing them same here, but again wearing cosy blue sweaters. The future depends on you standing up. Vote as if our children's lives depend on it, because they do. The ability of the planet to support human life has been damaged by humans and we need to fix that, sooner than later, vote for the environment. Or not.

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