Saturday, October 4, 2008

Debate thoughts

Several days later, these are my thoughts. Loser: Global pollsters for promoting poll results done on only half the debate and released as 'who won' pronouncements. Winner: Elizabeth May, for pricking the hot air balloon sitting to her right whenever the smirking one made some fatuous remark. Winner: Stephane Dion, for blowing holes in Harper's phony portrait of him, and for articulating a clear and genuine alternative, despite all the Tory bloggers who pretended he couldn't speak English. Winner: Jack Layton for the funniest line: "Where's your platform, under your sweater ?" And for tormenting Harper with such doggedness. Winner: Steve Paikin who did a great job of moderating.

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kheimbuch said...

I can't believe how Andrew Coyne, after the debate, dismissed the Green Party as "just a left-wing party". I am sure that Coyne has never read their platform. Their ideas, such as taking people with incomes less than 20k off of the tax rolls and "income splitting" are essentially conservative ideas, not to mention the major premise of their agenda -- reducing overconsumption -- is itself a conservative notion.

Maybe if Andrew Coyne would study what went wrong with Conservatism here in Canada, he would find that it was US Conservative Republicanism (which itself has since been perversified by the neo-conservative ideas of Leo Strauss) that has purposely squeezed out our tradition of British Toryism -- something which was still evident in the PC Party of Joe Clark.

My point here is that the Greens have a natural appeal to a large segment of voters who may not have as complete a fit with any other party -- "Red Tories" (such as myself), something that could be just what they need to get them some seats in Parliament.