Saturday, October 18, 2008

Green Party infighting

The anger aimed at Elizabeth May for sending mixed messages about strategic voting is coming home to roost. My take on it is that the green movement is more important than the Green Party. If the Liberals, in a post Dion, right wing Liberal government of say Frank McKenna come to the next election pulling back from Dion's radical shift of the party across the green divide, then the green movement and the Green Party will become more closely one-and-the-same-thing and they will defeat Liberals and others and win seats. If the Liberals stay green, the Greens may suffer in the next election because whenever it happens, environmental degradation will be manifestly more obvious as events will have escalated beyond the tipping point of complete disaster. For now, the movement and the party are distinct. May was right to put the green movement ahead of the Green Party.

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