Saturday, October 11, 2008

They're going to kill Obama

Palin and McCain have so stoked the fires of hatred against Obama that there is little doubt in my mind that some Republican nutbar is going to murder Obama, and when they do the country is going to erupt into civil war that will make the aftermath of the Rodney King Affair seem like a community barbeque. America is about to degenerate into barbarism. And Canada is going to get sucked down into the vortex with them. The War Against Terror will turn into the Fear Wars that will pit neighbour against neighbour.


kheimbuch said...

One could argue that the concepts of American mob-rule Republicanism and barbarism are so intimately connected that they have always had this mentality from their beginnings as a nation, which seems always directed at some sort of "Other".

I sometimes think that without someone or something to demonize, America would fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Kill him they will of that there is little doubt. The alternative for Obahama i.e. retreating from campaign in order to see his daughters grow up is not an option. This is for better or worse his legacy. The streets of America will undoubtedly run with blood thereafter but a woman me thinks will rescue the day from presumably the Asian race. Whatever culminates, America is a power in decline and it is this awareness that will fuel the assassination of its only hope of redemption.