Monday, October 13, 2008

Time for a Coup

So by Nik Nano's numbers Stephen Harper just wasted multi-millions of dollars for an election that may have proven un-necessary, leading to another Con minority, to another stalemated parliament while environmental degradation proceeds unchecked.
If it comes to that result - and I'm still not convinced it will - what we need is for the majority of parliamentarians representing the majority of Canadians to propose and pass a law restoring the custom of the Governor General, after the defeat of the government in a confidence motion, handing the government (cabinet posts and committee chairs)over to the leader of the opposition, and then to anyone else who might be able to form a government who can maintain the confidence of the House, and so have the four year law term serve the majority of Canadians. Once the majority passes a private member's bill to that end, Harper should be defeated in the first confidence motion, and then let his party tear him to pieces for his arrogance, bullying, and general incompetence.

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